Allergy Awareness

The information in this blog is the result of my own research into allergies.Some information is anecdotal but may be of use to other people trying to understand why it is that their body over-reacts to everyday substances.There will also be recipes added on a regular basis as I come up with alternatives to our favourite foods that we can't do without - Chocolate cake, pizza, nothing healthy! ;-)

How a single mother melted the Dragons' hearts with her frozen desserts


When Kirsty Henshaw discovered that her son had an intolerance to dairy products, she struck upon an ingenious business idea.

How a single mother melted the Dragons' hearts with her frozen desserts

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At last, the lily that doesn't shed pollen... and won't stain everything it touches


Sainsbury's have come up with a solution to the plentiful pollen, which can cause terrible hayfever, by offering lilies that do not produce the pollen.

At last, the lily that doesn't shed pollen... and won't stain everything it touches

Our New Bread Maker


We recently bought a Panasonic SD254 bread maker specifically because it has a gluten-free option and it works out cheaper to make your own bread than pay the high street prices.

I did a lot of research into what type of breadmaker to buy and decided that this was the best option for us. The recipe book that comes with the bread maker gives instructions for a basic bread with an option of five flavourings (spicy fruit, date & raisin, maple & pecan, five seeds and sundried tomato & parmesan).

It also gives instructions for making ready prepared gluten free bread mixes in the bread maker, including Glutafin, Juvela, Glutano, Schar, Sainsbury's and Doves Farm. It doesn't give instructions for the Laucke bread mixes, which happen to be my personal favourite, or Carrs.

My husband (who's the bread machine fiend) came up with a really delicious gluten free brack for me and also a wheat-free malt bread (not gluten-free unfortunately because of the malt).

Sainsburys first sulphite-free wine

Sainsburys has taken the first UK listing of a commercial wine made without the addition of sulphites. The 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon from the Stellar Winery in South Africa will be part of Sainsbury's So Organic range. Priced at £4.99, it will be available from mid-March . (Ed. 2008)

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Allergens In Anti-Histamines


Since I've been trying to cut out everything I'm allergic to, I figured that I ought to change my anti-histamines so that I move onto one that is safe.

Strangely I have not been able to find an over the counter anti-histamine in either tablet or liquid form that does not have some form of potential allergen in it.

All the tablets that I have looked at are lactose based. Of all the liquid anti-histamines I have looked at only one does not contain Citric Acid, instead the Piriton syrup contains methyl, ethyl and propyl hydrobenzoates (E214, E216 and E218) - known asthma triggers.

I would have thought that common sense would kick in somewhere in the pharmaceutical industry and that somebody would produced a hypo-allergenic anti-histamine!

Thankfully, my milk allergy is to the proteins in milk not the sugars. This means that I am okay with the tablets. I'll be stuffed if I have to use the liquid anti-histamines though!

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