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Wubbzy Finger Puppet / Sniffy Thing

Wubbzy Finger Puppet / Sniffy Thing


This one is not for young children to make, but they certainly will like playing with it!

It is quick, taking less than 20 minutes, and only requires needle, thread, scraps of yellow felt and a black biro pen.

  1. Cut two rectangles of felt approximately 7cm by 4.5cm, round off the corners. Cut out two D shapes for the ears, two 'sticks' with ball shapes on the ends for the hands, and the foot shape. A longish thin strip will also be required for the tail.
  2. Take one rectangle of felt, stitch the ears at one end, the feet at the other end and one arm half way up each side. Stitch the tail to the back of the other rectangular piece of felt.
  3. Stitch the two rectangles together along the two long lengths and the top. Make sure that the tail is on the outside and the edges of the ears/arms/legs on the inside.
  4. Using the biro, draw in two ovals for the eyes, a larger sideways oval for the nose and a smile. Also add details to the hands and legs if you want.
  5. Leave the bottom open if you want a finger puppet, alternatively stuff with lavender or cotton wool and stitch the bottom firmly shut.

Wubbzy Sniffy Thing

When my little one had a cold I dripped Olbas oil on the cotton wool before stuffing it to make a "sniffy thing".

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