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Wubbzy Sponge & Finger Painting

Wubbzy Sponge & Finger Painting


If you have a toddler that loves getting messing then they will love this activity. You only need two colours to paint Wubbzy, yellow and black (as if you didn't know!). The only other equipment you need are a couple of plates for the paint, a rectangular bath sponge and some willing fingers! Use brushes if you want but it's easier for little children to paint with their fingers and sponge shapes. Don't forget to protect your work area before you start painting. I remembered to protect the table but forgot to take down a skirt I had hanging up to dry - Oops!

Toddler sponge painting

To Paint Wubbzy

  1. Pour yellow paint on one plate and the black paint on the other plate. I added a little water to thin it down and a squirt of washing up liquid to make cleaning up easier!
  2. Dip the sponge in the yellow paint and press it down to make Wubbzy's body.
  3. Dip a finger in the yellow paint and make lines for the arms, legs, hands and tail. Finger paint circles for the ears and feet.
  4. Next use the black paint and make fingerprint eyes, nose and lastly fingerpaint a big smile.

Sponge Paint Wubbzy Sponge Paint Wubbzy

To Paint Flutterbies

  1. Fold a piece of paper in hal
  2. Use the bath sponge to make a kind of letter B shape on one side of the paper next to the fold.
  3. Fold the paper in half and squash it down.
  4. When you open it up you get a beautiful flutterfly.
  5. You can use the black paint to add a body, and other colours to add a pattern if you want.

Sponge paint butterfly

To Paint Buzzy Bees

  1. Yellow & black are also good colours for Buzzy Bees. Use the sponge dipped in yellow paint to make the body.
  2. Use your finger (or sponge roller if you have one) to add black stripes.

Sponge Paint Bee

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