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Toilet Roll Wreath

Toilet Roll Wreath


The following design is very simple, but effective. It can be adapted for any occasion. We have made these wreaths for Easter, Yule, Valentines and Halloween. The materials are easy to find around the house, and the ones that aren't are cheap enough to buy.

Toilet Roll Easter Wreath  

A printable PDF of the instructions can be viewed here.

Materials Needed

wire coathanger toilet roll inners double sided tape & crepe paper
Wire Coathanger Toilet Roll Inners
Double Sided Tape & Crepe Paper Roll, or paint
Coloured card, paper, pens and scissors Decorations & Ribbon
Coloured card, paper, pens and scissors Decorations & Ribbon

What To Do

  1. Bend the coat hanger into a circle shape. If you want, wrap crepe paper around the hanger to cover it and change the colour.
    Bent Coathanger
  2. Arrange your toilet roll inners around your loop so you know how many you need. If you want to make a pattern like the one shown you will need to cut some toilet rolls in half.
    Toilet Rolls In Place
  3. If you want to paint the toilet rolls do so now and when they are dry jump to step 6. If not, put a strip of double sided sticky tape along the length of each toilet roll.
    toilet roll with double sided tape on it
  4. Wrap the crepe paper around the toilet roll (it will need to be at a slight angle), all the way so it overlaps the ends of the roll.
    crepe covering toilet roll
  5. Tuck in the loose ends of the crepe paper. Use a bit of tape to hold the ends in the tube.
    covered toilet roll
  6. Continue doing the same to all of the toilet rolls until they are all coloured.
    Lots of coloured toilet rolls
  7. Cut half way across the toilet roll. It will probably squash a bit but don't worry about that!
    Cutting the toilet roll
  8. Squeeze your toilet roll back to a tube shape and then push it onto the wire coat hanger.
    toilet roll on coathanger
  9. Continue to do the same to all the toilet rolls until they are all arranged around the wire coat hanger.
    Toilet rolls on coathangers
  10. Add strips of card to the back of all the cardboard tubes. This prevents the tubes from rotating when you add the decorations.
    Fix tubes in place
  11. Turn over the wreath. This is the front and the side you will be adding the decorations to.
    Wreath ready to decorate
  12. Cut out your shapes. We used eggs as we were making an Easter decoration. Decorate them with pens and/or stickers.
    Making cardboard eggs
  13. Start adding decorations to the wreath. You can add cardboard shapes, flowers, stickers, anything!
    Decorate the wreath
  14. Keep going until all of the wreath is covered with decorations.
    Decorated Wreath
  15. Make a shape with your seasonal greeting written on it and punch a hole in the top. Thread a length of ribbon through the hole and knot it.
    Seasonal greeting
  16. Put the greeting in the centre of the wreath and tie the ribbon around the coat hanger hook.
    Attach the message to the wreath
  17. Add a ribbon bow as a finishing touch and hang up your decorative wreath.
    Completed Wreath