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How To Braid With 4 Threads


To create a 4 strand plait is a lot easier than it sounds. It isn't much harder than plaiting with 3 strands.


I have used 4 different colours as it is easier to see what is happening. I used lilac, pink, blue and red.

  1. Knot the four threads together and fan them out.
    4 threads fanned out, ready to plait
  2. Starting starting left to right, pass the first strand (lilac) over the second (pink), then the third (blue) strand over the fourth (red).
  3. Then pass the third strand (now red) over the second strand (now lilac).
  4. Keep following this pattern - 1st over 2nd, 3rd over 4th - Then the new 3rd over the new 2nd (the two middle threads)

1st stage of plait

1st (pink) over 2nd (blue) and 3rd (lilac) over 4th (red)

stage 2 of plait

Then 3rd (red) over 2nd (pink)

Repeat these two steps until the braid is the length you want (or you run out of thread!)