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Crafty warmth

Crafty warmth


Nestling under the duvet on a chilly winter's night with a great book, a mug of cocoa and a hot water bottle to toast your feet … Top textile designer Lisa Stickley shows you how to keep snug

Things you need

Medium weight cotton (I have recycled an old soft cotton curtain) for the main body, cut to size (see template below, where each square represents 5cm x 5cm).

4oz polyester wadding, cut 2cm smaller than the main body all the way round (see template – cut 1 front piece and 2 back pieces).

light weight fabric (cotton calico is ideal) for the lining, cut to the size (see template – cut 1 front piece and 2 back pieces).

1m length of bias binding (2.5cm wide)

What to do

Bond the panels and wadding

Lay the front outer fabric piece right side down on the ironing board. Lay the front wadding piece on top and then the front lining piece on top of that, rather like making a sandwich. With a hot iron, press the sandwich pile so it flattens the wadding slightly and loosely bonds the three layers together. Repeat for the two back pieces.

Add the bias binding

Cut two lengths of bias binding to slightly longer than the width of the back pieces. Fold these pieces of bias binding in half lengthwise. Slot one binding strip onto each of the straight edges of the back pieces. Pin in place. Stitch the bias binding in place, trapping all three layers neatly together. Backstitch at the start and finish to fasten the seam.

Join the panels

With right sides facing, lay the top back panel on to the front panel so the top edges line up. Then lay the bottom back panel on top of this so the two back panels overlap in the middle and the bottom edges of the back and front panels line up. Pin in place through all the layers. Starting at the bottom edge, stitch all the way with a 2cm seam allowance. For extra strength, backstitch a couple of times when sewing over the bound edges of the top and bottom back panels. Backstitch at the start and finish to fasten the seam.

Fill the cover with the hottie

Turn the hot-water bottle cover right side out, pushing out all the corners. boil the kettle, fill your hot-water bottle and slip it into the cover.


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Crafty warmth
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