Learning Together

A selection of websites, printables, project ideas, places to visit and other resources that come in very handy when you're learning together at home.

Free Online Puzzle Generator


Puzzlemaker is a free puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more — using your own word lists. This is a useful tool as it can be used to help reinforce keywords for any subject.


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Film Education Free Resources


Film Education offers free resources which cover a wide range of curriculum areas. They include film clips, teachers' notes and a range of activities. Resources are available for both primary and secondary level and utilise current release movies which will appeal to the children.


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Design A Satellite


Design A Satellite with the people of Littleton is a simulation game which challenges children to design a satellite that will send TV signals to places far across the country. Central to the design process is exploring the ways that high technologies are the products of human ingenuity—and that Littleton, Colorado is a community rich in such inventive people.

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My Pop Studio


My Pop Studio

"Ready to pop behind-the-scenes of the television you watch, magazines you read, music you listen to and websites you visit? Our "studios" let you take the reins. Create. Comment. Control. Explore your media, your way!

This Web site for 'tween-age girls promotes media literacy and gives girls a chance to create music, edit a TV show, publish a magazine and reflect on the role of digital media in their lives.

Create your own pop star and put her concert online for the world to enjoy!

Edit your own reality show, spinning the story the way you want!

Make your own celebrity magazine featuring you and your favorite actors and singers!

Test your multi-tasking abilities and find out how well you can do many things at the same time!"

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