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A selection of websites, printables, project ideas, places to visit and other resources that come in very handy when you're learning together at home.

Free Online Puzzle Generator


Puzzlemaker is a free puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more — using your own word lists. This is a useful tool as it can be used to help reinforce keywords for any subject.


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Find Egypt Worksheet


This printable worksheet shows a colour map of Egypt, black & white map of Africa and black & white map of the World. The idea is that Egypt is identified in both maps and coloured in.

Click on the image below to load up the printable PDF file in a new window.

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Fish and Kids


Fish Kids is a project of the Marine Stewardship Council, designed to bring sustainable seafood sourcing to schools and restaurants.

The education pack is filled with curriculum-linked resources to help you teach Science and Geography at key stages 1 and 2. The pack also contains activities linked to schemes of work for English and Citizenship at KS2. As well as activity sheets the pack contains lesson plans.

The pack can be downloaded in one go or in sections. If you are not able to download or print the pack you can request for a printed copy to be sent to you.

Other resources available on the site include activity sheets, slideshows, assembly plan and discussion cards.

Click Here To Visit The Fish And Kids Website

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The International Monetary Fund In Action


The International Monetary Fund came to eduweb for help developing student and teacher activities and resources about money, economics, and the IMF itself. This suite of role play activities and reference material offers hands-on exploration of economic challenges, crises and preventative analysis.

The International Monetary Fund In Action 

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Amazon Interactive


Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon through online games and activities. Learn about the rainforest and the Quichua people who call it home. Discover the ways in which the Quichua live off the land. Then try your hand at running a community-based ecotourism project along the Río Napo.

Amazon Interactive 

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Trading Around The World


"The technicalities of international trade may be a snooze for middle school students, but a fast-paced game that challenges the player to buy low and sell high is just the ticket. We took an onsite activity and programmed a trading model that matches the player with computerized traders from around the world. Prices respond to the overall health of the global economy, and players can see how commodity prices change over time."

Trading Around The World 

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Understanding Slavery


"How could slavery have survived so long in American history? Our challenge with this site was to put American slavery into global context, and to explore the ways that it permeated American social and economic institutions. The result: a hybrid role play/interactive reference site that challenges the student to stop a slave auction, and then lets them explore the perspectives of the many people who had a stake in the institution."

Understanding Slavery 

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Where in the world and What in the world is Money?


"So you think you know what money is? It's those little round coins and paper bills printed by the government with someone's face on one side, right? What if money isn't a coin or a banknote or even a credit card? They may be common now. But not everyone in the world has used these forms of money for very long at all. Throughout history and around the globe, many different things have served as money. Play this game to find out just what money has been. You'll need to keep your wits about you if you want to get home. . . ."

Where in the world and What in the world is money?  

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What I Did for My Summer Vacation - Montana Historical Society


"What Did You Do For Your Summer Vacation?

Hop a plane to see Grandma in Florida? Drive all the way to the Grand Canyon with your family? Chat online with your friends all over the world?

Travel back in time and across the Treasure State to experience a summer vacation before you could do any of those things. Going by train was the fastest way to get there, driving was a grueling adventure, and the telephone was high-tech.

You'll experience the past through artifacts from the Montana Historical Society's collections. We'll tell you about their past, but we won't tell you what to think about them — that's your story to tell us!"

What I Did for My Summer Vacation 

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The Dakota Experience


Dakota Experience - Creating Communities, The Frontier 

"Euro-Americans came to the plains with baggage. Beyond the valuables packed in wagons were the values in their heads and hearts. Prairie novelist Ole Rolvaag presented this idea in his image of an immigrant trunk. Out of it came a way of life from the old country.

The Great Plains offered an open place to start anew, though few left old ways behind. From 1860 to 1880, the northern plains welcomed newcomers wishing to replant and grow diverse values. Missionaries carried their gospel, hoping to replace tribal ways with Christianity. Others sought and found chances to take part in local or territorial government. Still others looked for wealth, some in the mines of the Black Hills.

Explore the interactives and topics in this section to learn more about how people created communities on the frontier."

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Harvest Of History


"The history of New York State agriculture is the story of our collective past. Harvest of History makes this story come alive. Explore the Village to find out where your food comes from, how and where it grows, and compare life in 1845 with our modern world. Then produce your own movie with the Village Videomaker. Our interdisciplinary curriculum for fourth-grade teachers explores how agriculture has been, and still is, an integral part of our lives in New York State."

Harvest Of History 

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Great Chicago Stories Interactive History Map


"This series of stories for elementary and high school students bring Chicago's history alive through experiences of fictional but typical kids living in Chicago over the last century. A companion to each story is an interactive map that shows high-resolution photographs of the locations described in the story, both at the time of the story's setting and the present. Using Yahoo! Maps within the activity, users can explore the story's neighborhood and see where it is in relation to their own home or school. Artifacts from the collections of the Chicago History Museum connect the objects of everyday life to the people who might have used them."

Great Chicago Stories Interactive History Map 

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Bridge To Classroom


"Designing and building a bridge to withstand earthquakes is no easy challenge. Explore the science, technology and people involved in the bridge with these interactive learning modules and simulations!"

New Bay Bridge 

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The Watershed Game


"Water...we all depend on it for survival. But water is a scarce resource—only one percent of all water on earth is freshwater! How can we keep this water pure and fresh?

Many things happen in a watershed that affect the quality of the water we rely upon. What are they? Would you make the best decisions in managing your watershed? Examine the issues in each area of the watershed, then see the impacts of your choices!"

The Watershed Game is brought to you by the Distance Learning section of the Bell Museum.

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On The Prairie


On The Prairie - "The prairie is one of North America's great ecosystems and a vital habitat for many plants and animals. The prairie once spread across 1.5 million square kilometers of the Great Plains (that's seven times the size of Minnesota!)—but less than 2% of native prairie remains today."

This site contains a Build-A-Prairie online activity, field guide and movies showing you prairie life.

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Ways Of Knowing Trail


Ways Of Knowing Trail 

"My Dear Daughter,

Greetings from the Ituri Forest in Central Africa! I've foudn the Ways Of Knowing Trail, a wondrous path through this beautiful forest. You must come here someday, to the village of Epulu, to discover the secrest of the Ways Of Knowing Trail. If you're alert , you'll find the most important secret of all - it's simple and obvious but impossible to see unless you know how. What is the secret? It's simply -"

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Jefferson's West Web Adventure (Demo)


This electronic field trip sends you on a mission joining the Lewis & Clark expedition to explore the west lands of the continent in search of a water route to the Pacific Ocean. President Jefferson also want's to learn about the nature and cultures you encounter along the way so you will need to collect rocks, plants and animals from the lands you cross.

Jefferson's West Web Adventure 

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Shedd Educational Adventures (SEA)


Shedd Educational Adventures (SEA) contains a treasure trove of aquatic science resources for K-12 teachers and students. SEA brings the Philippines to life for your students with fact sheets and multimedia interactives based on the Wild Reef exhibit at Shedd Aquarium.

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Zoo Matchmaker


Zoo Matchmaker is an online game from Minnesota Zoo's website. In the game you will "Learn how zoos use genetics tools to save endangered species! You will play the role of “Population Manager” for a small population of endangered tigers. Using the genetic information you are provided, you must determine which breeding recommendations to make while you try to control inbreeding and prevent the loss of genetic diversity. Can you make the best matches to help tigers survive?"

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Lagoon Adventures


Lagoon Adventures allows you to explore the ecology of the Indian River Lagoon. This estuary is rich in plant and animal life. In fact, the Lagoon is home to more plant and animal species than any other Lagoon in North America.

Part of this site allows you to discover, interactively, how the Lagoon works and also allows you to build your own Lagoon.

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