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A selection of websites, printables, project ideas, places to visit and other resources that come in very handy when you're learning together at home.

British Nutrition Foundation Printable Teacher Resources


This section provides links to a vast array of resources to support teachers and pupils in schools learning about food and nutrition. Posters, worksheets, PowerPoint presentation, ICT templates and much much more is available to download.


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British Dental Health Foundation Printable Puzzles & Games


Dot-to-Dot, word puzzles, spot the difference, colouring in, stories and quiz - free fun printables all on a dental theme.


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Animal Aid Education


Most of the educational resource from animal aid are from, others are reasonably priced to cover postage and production costs.

Animal Aid is an animal rights group who peacefully campaign against animal abuse and promote a cruelty free lifestyle.

Their resources include student factsheets, activities, DVDs, information booklets, campaign leaflets and posters. They also provide a free school speaker service.

As an example of what their resources can contain, the Animal Writes English Resource, is a KS3 resource primarily aimed at Year 9. It was written by Teachit for Animal Aid and the pack includes a resource booklet with 9 balanced work units containing teachers’ notes and photocopiable student worksheets, plus a copy of the Their Future in Your Hands DVD and a large colour poetry poster. IWB resources for use on SMART boards are also available.


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Free Online Puzzle Generator


Puzzlemaker is a free puzzle generation tool for teachers, students and parents. Create and print customized word search, criss-cross, math puzzles, and more — using your own word lists. This is a useful tool as it can be used to help reinforce keywords for any subject.


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British Heart Foundation


The British Heart Foundation is working to eradicate premature deaths due to heart disease. Part of their strategy includes educating people about healthy eating and keeping active.

They produce a wide range of educational materials which are available to download or order online (some free, some request a donation).

Some of the publications include activity books, posters, peel and stick activity sheets, CD ROMs and reading books.

They also produce an excellent Big Food Challenge Pack which they suggest a £20 donation for. The website doesn't give many details as to the contents but it includes a set of playing cards and instructions for games, life size human body part cards (to show children where their heart, lungs, stomach, etc. are), inflatable globe and various other games and activities.

Visit The BHF - Information For Teachers Page By Clicking Here

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TeachKind Free Humane Education Materials


TeachKind, the humane-education division of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a resource for teachers, administrators, and librarians who want to help students become kinder, more compassionate individuals. On this site, you'll find a wealth of materials that have been designed exclusively for caring and dedicated educators like you. You can download free lesson plans or order free books, posters, leaflets, stickers, videos, and other resources.


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Think! Road Safety Resources


Road safety for early years, lower and upper primary level pupils. Published by the Department of Transport all the materials are available online or can be ordered as printed copies.


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Amazon Interactive


Explore the geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon through online games and activities. Learn about the rainforest and the Quichua people who call it home. Discover the ways in which the Quichua live off the land. Then try your hand at running a community-based ecotourism project along the Río Napo.

Amazon Interactive 

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Understanding Slavery


"How could slavery have survived so long in American history? Our challenge with this site was to put American slavery into global context, and to explore the ways that it permeated American social and economic institutions. The result: a hybrid role play/interactive reference site that challenges the student to stop a slave auction, and then lets them explore the perspectives of the many people who had a stake in the institution."

Understanding Slavery 

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Where in the world and What in the world is Money?


"So you think you know what money is? It's those little round coins and paper bills printed by the government with someone's face on one side, right? What if money isn't a coin or a banknote or even a credit card? They may be common now. But not everyone in the world has used these forms of money for very long at all. Throughout history and around the globe, many different things have served as money. Play this game to find out just what money has been. You'll need to keep your wits about you if you want to get home. . . ."

Where in the world and What in the world is money?  

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Dental Defenders


Dental Defenders is a 3D game.

"Danger lurks at every meal. Ordinary foods coat teeth with sugar, attracting bacteria and acids that cause tooth decay.

But the Dental Defenders are on the job! The Defenders patrol the mouths of children everywhere, protecting their teeth from everyday meals and snacks. Join the team and begin your patrol!"

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Mouth Power Online


"Discover the power of a healthy smile!

What is the secret to a healthy smile? Taking good care of your teeth!

Explore Mouthie's online laboratory to learn how to brush your teeth, what tobacco can do to your mouth, and how to make healthy food choices."

Mouth Power Online 

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Ways Of Knowing Trail


Ways Of Knowing Trail 

"My Dear Daughter,

Greetings from the Ituri Forest in Central Africa! I've foudn the Ways Of Knowing Trail, a wondrous path through this beautiful forest. You must come here someday, to the village of Epulu, to discover the secrest of the Ways Of Knowing Trail. If you're alert , you'll find the most important secret of all - it's simple and obvious but impossible to see unless you know how. What is the secret? It's simply -"

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Architect Studio 3D


"When building a house you must consider two things: the needs of people and the particulars of place. Satisfy these needs and you are an architect."

Architect Studio 3D 

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Picturing Women


"The history of the representation of women is one that often pictures partial and full nudity along with other explicit depictions. Some contemporary artists have chosen to respond to such conventions in similarly explicit ways. This Web site reflects both historical conventions and contemporary responses. These images can be challenging for younger viewers in particular, but each one offers the opportunity for questioning, discussing, and learning."

Picturing Women 

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Friends Of The Earth free National Curriculum-based teaching resources


Friends of the Earth's Youth & Education programme creates ways for young people to explore:

  • environmental issues
  • citizenship
  • sustainable development

either via educators or individually by themselves. You can either order printed copies or download PDF format files.

Resources are available for primary and secondary level, and consist of posters and lesson plans. Topics covered include

  • Air pollution
  • Climate change
  • Food and farming
  • Natural habitats
  • Tropical rainforests
  • Waste & recycling
  • Mad about food
  • Transport - the way to go


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Help The Hospices Free CLiP Programme


The free CLiP programme gives professionals, carers and teams from a variety of health and social care settings the knowledge and skills needed in their daily work. The worksheets take around 15 minutes to complete. The tutorials and worksheets can be used by individuals or by small groups to help with developing shared dialogue and learning. The content has been designed, and is regularly updated by, doctors, nurses and other professionals involved in clinical palliative care practice.

The tutorials can be completed online or printed off from a PDF file. The different series of tutorials available are

  • Introduction to palliative care
  • Helping the patient with pain
  • Helping patients with symptoms other than pain
  • Moving the ill patient
  • Psychological needs
  • Helping the patient with reduced hydration and nutrition
  • Procedures in palliative care
  • Helping people with communication difficulties
  • The last hours and days
  • Bereavement


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Quakers In Britain


A free information pack consisting of a book, A Light that is Shining by Harvey Gillman, Quaker Advices and Queries and details of your local meeting place.


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Parliament Education Resources


Comprehensive site containing lessons plans for KS1 through KS4, plus interactive whiteboard resources, printable material (PDF files), online games and videos


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BrainPOP - Animated Educational Site For Kids

Founded in 1999, BrainPOP creates animated, curriculum-based content that supports educators and engages students. Our award-winning online resources include BrainPOP, for grades 3 and up; BrainPOP Jr., for grades K-3; and BrainPOP Español. Our newest resource, BrainPOP Educators, features free tips, tools, and best practices by and for our teacher community.

This site is great, even if you're not based in the US! It covers a host of topics divided into the subjects Science, Social Studies, English, Maths, Arts & Music, Health and Technology. Each topic features a movie and related features which can include quiz, activities, experiment, Q&As and timeline. There are free movies available to watch, plus a free trial otherwise you will need to pay to subscribe. Family membership is currently $15 a month for all three sites (BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr and BrainPOP Espanol).

Click Here To Visit BrainPop

There is now a BrainPOP.co.uk too, subscription costs are £4.99 per month or £49 per year, plus VAT.

Click Here To Visit BrainPop.Co.UK

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