The Toughest Job

It is often said that parenting is the toughest job and at times it can feel that way, but I love my salary of hugs and "I Love You Mum"s.

They Speak English? In Croydon?


Carrie had a dance competition in Hartlepool this morning. Walking back to the car we pass a building (with the door open) and a sign outside reading "Hartlepool Peoples Center".

"Can we go in?" she asks. "No" I say.

Is it only for people that come from Hartlepool then?" I explain that I believe that is the case.

So where are we from then? I explain that we live in Stockton. She then goes on to ask about where she was born.

Totally unaware of the immigration situation in Croydon she exclaims...

"I can't believe that I came from Croydon and can still speak English"

You and I both hunny! It was pretty rare 5 years ago to find indigenous English people in Surrey Street market - goodness only knows what it is like now!! :D

Posted by at Wednesday, April 18, 2007 5:45 AM